How to make a nematode bubbler

September 22, 2011

Using a bubbler to mix your nematode solution during applications ensures that the nematodes stay viable.


Tupelo and sweetgum down under

December 10, 2015

Wes Fleming discusses the introduction of four standout trees to the Australian market: Nyssa sylvatica Forum and three Liquidambars. Read More

Raising Christmas trees

December 22, 2015

Peltzer Pines is a family-run Christmas tree farm in Orange County, Calif. PCIN.TV provides a glimpse into the production process, from seed to nine-footers taken home for the holidays. Read More

Dig in to this documentary

February 4, 2016

A new film tells the story of four unlikely gardeners who used the power of plants to transform their community and their lives. Read More