Monday, November 24, 2014

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Your next move

By Kelli Rodda

Strategize for 2015 with our State of the Industry Report. More

AmericanHort publishes revised nursery standard

The revised American Standard for Nursery Stock is now available for industry use. More

Nursery leaders brainstorm solutions to industry issues

Nursery Management created the Nursery Grower Business Coalition to open dialog between growers. More

The Top 50

By NM Staff

Find out which nurseries rank among the biggest and best. More

The right cross

By Matt McClellan

Raymond Evison has spent 50 years breeding clematis, and is still searching for the perfect cross. More

Product Spotlight

‘Summerina’ Echibeckia

‘Summerina’ Echibeckia is exclusive to Pacific Plug & Liner and the result of an intergeneric cross between rudbeckia and... More

Latest News

Plants more sensitive to drought than realized

New research from UCLA will improve predictions of which plant species will survive drought. More

Purdue arboretum promotes plant database project

The university's collection of woody plants includes 75 new trees each year. More

Brookside Agra product helps manage winter desiccation

H2OExcel is a water conservation agent that allows soil to absorb water and nutrients faster. More

GrowIt! wins mobile app award

The social gardening app was named best in its market category. More

Phragmites: a problem in Michigan

Ornamental plant nursery growers should scout production fields for this invasive weed. More

Invasive stink bug found in second Idaho city

By Capital Press

The brown marmorated stink bug feeds on a wide range of fruit and vegetable crops. More

California county faces quarantine

The Asian citrus psyllid was found in two areas of San Joaquin County. More

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Grower's guide: Concolor fir

Bert Cregg of Michigan State University Extension, Departments of Horticulture and Forestry, discusses what growers need to know about concolor fir, as part of a series on Christmas tree species. More

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