Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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California imposing mandatory water restrictions

By The Desert Sun -Calif.

Under the new regulations, nurseries in some districts will only be permitted to water between midnight and 6 a.m. More

BloomaPalooza 2014: Celebrate the horticulture industry at Cultivate'14

Join GIE Media's Horticulture Group in Columbus, Ohio, for live music and refreshments. More

Precipitation partner

By Kelli Rodda

Learn if rainfall harvesting is the answer to your water conservation questions. More

Bigger isn’t always better

By Matt McClellan

Brian Williams turned a passion for rare plants into a successful business. More

Reuse and recycle

By Chuan Hong

Growers are encouraged to recycle water for irrigation, but water quality issues come into play. More

Product Spotlight

Pentathlon LF

Pentathlon is a broad-spectrum contact fungicide that controls tough diseases through preventive action. More

Latest News

USDA identifies stink bug attractant

This discovery opens the door to development of traps and technologies that should help keep the invasive pest out of nurseries and gardens. More

AmericanHort launches initiative to explore the future of garden retail

The organization will partner with a design college to help reshape how products are marketed and perceived. More

Record number of attendees reported at Cutivate’14

The trade show formerly known as OFA Short Course attracted more than 10,000 people, according to AmericanHort. More

Leaf spot plagues Florida crape myrtles

By University of Florida

The bacterial leaf spot has shown up only in commercial nursery settings. More

Cash in on rural loans

By Intuit Small Business Blog

USDA earmarked $150 million for rural businesses. More

Be aware of nonverbal cues

Are you sending the message you really want to send? More

Mind your self -control

Review these eight tips to exert and improve your self control. More

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Stylish sedum

Susan Martin of Walters Gardens shows us a new sedum that is in step with the latest color trends. More

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