Sunday, December 21, 2014

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Happy holidays from Nursery Management

Wishing you and your loved ones a safe and happy holiday season. More

Michael Dirr named NAI Fellow

The distinguished horticulturist is the first plant breeder to receive the honor. More

2014 Grower of the Year: A thirst for knowledge

By Kelli Rodda

Driven by ingenuity, thoughtfulness and common sense, Bill Hendricks proves he’s an industry ally. More

Home Depot mandates extra tag for neonic-treated plants

By Matt McClellan

Amid concerns about the effect of neonicotinoid insecticides on pollinator populations, the retailer now requires a special tag on plants treated with them. More

AmericanHort publishes revised nursery standard

The revised American Standard for Nursery Stock is now available for industry use. More

Product Spotlight

Ardent 0.15EC - Miticide/Insecticide

ARDENT 0.15EC contains abamectin which controls mites and insects on shadehouse, greenhouse, and field-grown ornamentals, foliage plants,... More

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Is your company naughty or nice?

How to stay on your customers' "nice" list this holiday season. More

The long road home

The Chicago Botanic Garden is reintroducing genetic diversity in the field and in nurseries. More

Small Business Administration Launches 2015 Emerging Leaders initiative

Entrepreneurship training initiative sparks increased small business growth and job creation. More

More problems for bees: their favorite plants are gone

New research shows that enhancing floral resources may help mitigate bee loss. More

WNLA workshop to present two tracks

Attendees can hear topics focusing on both nursery and lawn and landscape issues. More

California gardeners, nurseries struggle to adapt to drought

By Los Angeles Times

The drought has forced wholesale growers and the businesses that depend on them to adapt. More

American icons

By Nature Conservancy

Four trees that have shaped America are under threat. More

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The lost Christmas sweaters

The staff at Van Belle Nursery has misplaced their Christmas sweaters. Where did they go? More

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