Thursday, March 05, 2015

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Oregon bans neonic use on linden trees

By Matt McClellan

The Oregon Department of Agriculture has prohibited the application of neonicotinoid insecticides on the Tilia genus of trees. More

Capitol concerns

By NM Staff

Learn how recent actions in Washington, D.C. affect your business and profits. More

Bug on bug war

By Todd McLeish and Kelli Rodda

Researchers find parasitoid flies work well in the fight against winter moth. More

Hunting in a farmer’s world

By John F. Dini

These two working styles depend on one another to develop a long-term vision. More

Premium crops grow profits

By Leslie Finical Halleck

At a time when differentiation is key, you could be taking advantage of value-added and proprietary products to improve your bottom line. More

Product Spotlight

Hinder Deer & Rabbit Repellant

HINDER protects plants by forming a mild odor barrier that is offensive to animals but not to humans. More

Latest News

AGCO launches used equipment website

A growing list of equipment and dealers with certified pre-owned programs is available online. More

WNLA names 2015 plants of the year

Musclewood and Dark Towers Beardtongue selected as plants of the year. More

House Judiciary Committee approves Legal Workforce Act

If passed, the bill would mandate the use of E-Verify by all U.S. businesses within three years. More

Prevent your plant diagnostic samples from freezing

A diagnostic lab cannot identify problems in a frozen plant, so follow these tips to insulate your plant samples before shipping them. More

National Garden Bureau elects new directors for 2015-2017

NGB members selected four new directors to the board during a conference in Florida. More

Researchers identify natural plant compounds that work against insects

By UCR Today

UC Riverside research could lead to the development of novel insecticides. More

Scientists reprogram plants for drought tolerance

By UCR Today

By repurposing the agrochemical mandipropamid, scientists were able to reduce plants' water consumption. More

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Recycling waste water

Overdevest Nurseries discusses the cost-effective way they capture and clean runoff water to be used for irrigation. More

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