Sunday, April 19, 2015

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A new beginning for Vitex

By Michael A. Dirr

Watch for cultivars with smaller stature, increased hardiness and rich color. More

Benchmarking your Business: Take aim

By Alan Hodges, Hayk Khachatryan, Charles Hall And Marco Palma

Benchmark the health of your business against this national data fresh from the Green Industry Research Consortium. More

Oregon bans neonic use on linden trees

By Matt McClellan

The Oregon Department of Agriculture has prohibited the application of neonicotinoid insecticides on the Tilia genus of trees. More

The next generation

By NM Staff

As a younger set takes the reins of the horticulture industry, learn more about their vision. More

Product Spotlight

Amdro Pro Fire Ant Bait

  A queen fire ant can lay 2,000 eggs each day. That's why it's essential to kill the queen. Amdro® Pro Fire Ant Bait does just that,... More

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Immigration and the green industry

By Kate Spirgen

Craig Regelbrugge shares his predictions for immigration reform and how it will affect the green industry. More

Broad mites now active in greenhouse floriculture crops

Growers need to recognize symptoms and understand the most effective miticides to control this pest. More

Botrytis blight outbreaks expected due to weather

Clouds and rain favor Botrytis blight, but cultural practices and correct fungicides will help until the sun shines. More

Nurseries given tips to prevent spread of citrus psyllid

A California agency has developed materials to help nurseries avoid spreading the pest. More

Armstrong Growers acquires Do Right's Plant Growers

The official transfer of ownership is set for June 1, 2015. More

Glassy-winged sharpshooter found in Southern California

By The Press Democrat

Sonoma County ag inspectors are on alert after the pest was found in shipments from SoCal nurseries. More

California warns of deep water rights curtailments amid drought

By Sacramento Bee

Gov. Brown defended agriculture's heavy use of water, but potential curtailments could dramatically affect the industry. More

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Plant something for Arbor Day

The Arizona Nursery Association encourages growers to share this video with their customers to remind them that Arbor Day is April 24. More

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