Monday, August 03, 2015

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Adapt or dry up

By Matt McClellan

California growers face the challenge of marketing plants during a historic drought. More

Tour de force

By Matt McClellan

The 2015 Nursery Production Tour covered the entire supply chain. More

The art of the deal

By Kelli Rodda

Selling a business is no easy feat. Jim Snyder shares his advice on what to expect before, during and after a sale. More

For Sale

By William J. Lynott

Take your business from "SALE" to "SOLD!" in seven steps. More

Make plans to attend our Virtual Conference

Some of the brightest minds in the industry will share their insight and latest research on June 30. More

Product Spotlight

Drexel Simazine 4L Herbicide

Simazine 4L is for pre-emergence control of many annual broadleaf weeds and grasses in ornamentals and turf. It controls weeds in forests,... More

Latest News

OHP, Inc. releases Marengo SC in smaller size

The liquid pre-emergent herbicide is now in 18 fl. oz. container to accommodate users of all sizes. More

Asian citrus psyllid quarantine expands

An 87-square mile area of Los Angeles county has been added to the existing quarantine. More

New live oak cultivar named after ACTrees founding member

By Alliance for Community Trees

Arizona's Civano Nursery developed the cultivar to withstand the arid conditions of the Southwest. More

UC Davis to host neonic conference

The Sept. 9 event aims to separate the truth from the myth of neonicotinoids and their impact on pollinators. More

SNA announces 2015 award recipients

The Southern Nursery Association honored 10 of its members with awards at its annual meeting. More

MSU Extension unveils new crop production cost estimation tool

Free spreadsheets are available to help growers estimate costs and explore cost-saving opportunities. More

2015 International Trials Conference Early Bird Registration closes July 31

The conference, which dovetails into the 2015 Farwest Show scheduled for Aug. 27 to 29. More

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A fresh look

Three HortScholars explain how their generation will impact the industry. More

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