Osmocote Iron

Osmocote Iron

November 15, 2016


Chemicals Fertilizers

Osmocote Iron, a granular solution for plants that require additional iron and sulfur to maintain healthy, attractive foliage.

Osmocote Iron is Ferric-sulfate-coated with ICL’s E-Max Release Technology, a proprietary coating chemistry used on a wide variety of nutrient components that are incorporated into controlled release fertilizer products. It conveniently delivers a sustained supply of controlled release iron and sulfur in a safe and reliable manner.

Iron helps plants maintain greener foliage, while plants low in sulfur may appear stunted and yellow. While liquid iron drenches can supply plants with additional iron, they must be reapplied frequently to be effective. By providing supplemental iron and sulfur, Osmocote Iron can help improve the overall health and appearance of greenhouse plants, nursery stock, landscape beds and turf.

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