New parrotia introduced

Persian Spire parrotia from JLPN Inc. features a columnar habit.

UpShoot has announced the release of Persian Spire Columnar Parrotia by JLPN Inc. of Salem, Oregon. Owner John Lewis selected the first plant on-site from a row of seedlings. Persian Spire showed its unique foliage and distinctly upright character at an early age. Columnar growth habit clearly distinguishes it from other upright Parrotia such as 'Vanessa.'

John Lewis with Persian Spire.

Foliage is finer with a narrower leaf than common Ironwood. In spring, leaves emerge with a strong purple cast that fades into a purple halo margin. Summer foliage is a dark emerald green. Compared to other columnar trees, Persian Spire has a long-lasting, elaborate autumn color display of ever-changing yellow, orange, burgundy and red hues.

“I always loved Parrotia as a plant", said John Lewis, owner of JLPN. "In trying to sell Parrotia persica, it had great fall color, but nothing special beyond this single characteristic. Now we have a Parrotia cultivar that brings something else to the table - upright, fast growing and spring growth with purple edges." 

Persian Spire™ Parrotia
Parrotia persica ‘JL Columnar’ P.A.F.

Height & Spread

25′ h x 10′ w


Columnar to upright oval


Showy red stamens






Green, fine textured





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