Bailey announces leadership transition

Terri McEnaney will step away from day-to-day operations in her role as chief executive officer, and Shane Brockshus has been named chief operating officer.

Photos courtesy of Bailey

As the 2023 season begins, Bailey announces Terri McEnaney will step away from day-to-day operations in her role as Chief Executive Officer to focus on strategy and the future of Bailey. Shane Brockshus has been named Chief Operating Officer, an evolution of his previous role as Chief Operations Officer.

These transitions come after thoughtful planning from the Bailey family, leadership team, Board of Advisors and outside advisors. Continuing her role as Chief Executive Officer, McEnaney will now focus on driving strategy, building relationships, and engaging in the industry. “It has been the honor of my lifetime to serve in this role,” McEnaney said. “The legacy of humility, long-term strategic thinking, active industry participation, giving back to community, innovation and doing the right thing will guide my time and commitment.”

As Chief Operating Officer, Brockshus will continue overseeing production and is now responsible for the areas of sales, marketing, brands, product development and human resources. This is a progression that reflects Bailey’s approach to long-term, intentional changes for the betterment of the Bailey organization. “I am honored and humbled by the opportunity to play a part in leading this nursery,” Brockshus said. “As Bailey evolves and grows, I look forward to working with this team to bring continued improvement and success for Bailey, as well as our customers, employees and communities.”

“Shane is an exceptionally strong leader who cares about the organization, our people, our plants and our customers. He is organized, thoughtful and welcoming, and for those reasons and more, we congratulate him on leading the operations of the company,” McEnaney said.

These transitions are effective immediately, with both McEnaney and Brockshus continuing to work at Bailey’s Main Office in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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