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News travels fast, especially on the web. We picked 25 of our favorite Twitter accounts to help you stay up to date on happenings in the industry, gain some knowledge, get inspired or just have a good laugh.

May 6, 2016


AmericanHort | @American_Hort This national trade association for the green industry provides resources for better marketing, educational opportunities, HR and Washington updates.

Horticulture Jobs | @GetHorticulJobs Whether you’re looking for help or you’re in the job market, this source is constantly updated with jobs across the country.

The RHS | @The_RHS The Royal Horticultural Society works hard to enrich the lives of those in the UK through plants and gardening. Garden trends often appear first in Europe, so keep up with what’s happening across the pond.

Tony Avent | @Plant_Delights Plant Delights Nursery is an online plant nursery specializing in unique, exotic and American native perennial plants. Follow for Tony’s daily plant photos – some of which you may have never seen before.

Thomas Rainer @ThomasRainerDC Great Dixter’s meadows- “flower-studded lawns”-blend aesthetics & biodiversity in a yummy way

Jimmy Turner | @TexanInOz Jimmy is the director of horticulture at the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney, Australia. If you’ve been longing to take a trip down under, Jimmy’s amazing photographs will suffice until you get the chance to visit in person.

Maria Zampini | @UpShootHort Maria grew up in the nursery industry, and now runs her own new plant marketing group. You’ll find loads of info on new plants and trends in North America and throughout the world.

GardenRant | @GardenRant These four green-industry dynamos have a blog by the same name. They’ll have you laughing with one post, and shaking your fist and yelling “YEAH!” in another.

NationalGardenBureau | @NatGardenBureau This organization is pushing out loads of gardening info to consumers. Make sure you know what’s getting out to the folks who will ultimately buy your goods.

Thomas Rainer | @ThomasRainerDC Thomas is an author and speaker who is known as a horticultural futurist. He educates about the role of plants in cities.

Nature Conservancy | @nature_org This global organization’s mission is to conserve land and water. Hey, our products go hand in hand with NC’s mission!

Gardening Joys | @GardeningJoys This is all types of gardening and outdoor info aimed at the consumer. You have to keep up with consumer trends to stay relevant and profitable!

Amanda Thomsen | @kissmyaster Amanda has loads of personality, and her Ryan Gosling “hey girl” memes (all about gardening, of course) are hilarious. It’s not all about humor. This sassy gardener is pretty stoked about education.

ACTrees | @alliance4trees Alliance for Community Trees is a national nonprofit dedicated to improving the health and livability of cities by planting and caring for trees. Follow this group for research updates, community tree planting ideas, pest issues and factoids you can share with customers and consumers.

Planet Green | @PlanetGreen This is on the fringes of being an industry site, but horticulture and the health of our plant are certainly intertwined. This feed offers practical tips to “live a greener lifestyle.”


MS St Trial Garden | @MSTrialGarden Mississippi State University does a fantastic job of updating followers on plants that are faring well in the trial garden. We appreciate the photos.

DallasArbPlantTrials | @DABSPlantTrials The Dallas Arboretum trial garden is well known for its hotter-than-blazes summers, crazy hail storms and sometimes supreme drought. The staff puts out a lot of good tidbits for the industry and consumers alike.

The RHS @The_RHS Great to see @KnebworthHouse getting fit in the garden for #NationalGardeningWeek last week!

Longwood Gardens | @longwoodgardens This Pennsylvania-based public garden aims to inspire the public through horticulture and the arts.

DM Botanical Garden | @dm_garden The Des Moines Botanical Garden is making waves across the nation, not just in the Midwest, thanks in part to Kelly Norris, director of horticulture.

ChicagoBotanicGarden | @chicagobotanic Public gardens are one of the most important ties between horticulture and people. And the Chicago Botanic Garden is no exception. Keeping track of events at public gardens gives you a glimpse into what visitors are seeing and talking about.

Kew Gardens | @kewgardens This public garden located in London does a fabulous job of tweeting photos each day from the garden. Get ready to suffer from a bit of wanderlust when you follow this account.

APGA | @PublicGardens By following the American Public Gardens Association, you’ll get a glimpse of what’s happening at public gardens nationwide, from new plant displays to professional and consumer education.


Harvard Biz Review | @HarvardBiz Some of the best management tips, case studies and success stories are shared here. Content is definitely worth the read and could likely change your business for the better.

American Express OPEN | @AmexOPEN Fellow business owners from all types of industries share their successes, failures, ideas and support.

Longwood Gardens @longwoodgardens Virginia bluebells are a beloved native plant at Longwood and are currently blooming throughout the Gardens.

Fast Company | @FastCompany This site features links to inspirational and valuable business help. Check it often and share some of these gems with your team.


History In Pictures | @HistoryInPics This account is amazing. Each tweet offers up photos from war to pop culture. It’s great for a break in the workday, but be prepared to get lost!

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