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From the smallest batch mixer to the biggest production line, all Pack Manufacturing equipment is built to last and return the investment year after year.

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From their earliest years, The Pack Manufacturing Company has always followed a customer-centric business approach — keep your customers happy, and you will always have customers. As a leading provider of automation equipment for the horticulture industry, Pack Manufacturing has sat down with hundreds of growers over the past 26 years to design automated solutions that work for their customers. The Pack Manufacturing Company’s focus is on saving customers time and money while producing a uniform, second-to-none product every time. Pack Mfg. equipment has helped thousands of customers cut their costs and improve their bottom line in ways that would have been impossible without automation.

Pack Manufacturing combines good old-fashioned values of integrity and hard work with the best technology available to create a one-of-a-kind experience. From the smallest batch mixer to the biggest production line, all Pack Manufacturing equipment is built to last and return the investment year after year. Pack Manufacturing equipment lines are built 100% in the U.S. to work hard in the harshest environments. The Pack Manufacturing Company standard equipment lines are the result of innovative design and collaboration with some of the largest growers in the country, and since Pack Mfg. builds all equipment in-house, they can easily incorporate any custom application or modification needed.

The Pack Manufacturing Company produces a wide range of automated solutions to fit any growing operation. Their Inline and Batch Mixing Equipment Lines are built for fast, efficient blending in a ruggedly dependable machine. The Pack Mfg. Line of Flat Filling and Potting machines, like the namesake Pack Filler™, represent the best and most dependable equipment on the market, with multiple options to fit any size operation. The Pack Mfg. Custom Conveyor Line can remove countless hours of back-breaking labor moving containers or potting media, and each conveyor line is built to fit the needs of the customer. Pack Mfg. also builds a very inclusive line of potters, mixers, tracking trailers, setters, or more to support field growing operations. Aside from the main equipment lines, Pack Manufacturing offers a wide assortment of supporting equipment to further improve your investment.

Pack Manufacturing production lines are built to work for the customer, not the other way around. Every piece of equipment The Pack Manufacturing Company builds is aimed at cutting labor costs, reducing time to market, and improving the quality of your products. Investing in automation with Pack Manufacturing is one of the best investments you can make for your business. Running at capacity, a Pack Manufacturing equipment purchase can pay for itself in the first year alone with decreased costs and increased production. The Pack Manufacturing Company proudly stands behind their equipment and their customers. Give Pack Manufacturing a call today to see how they can help your business reach its full potential.

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