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February 6, 2020

The Bayer Ornamentals business operates on the principle that scientific innovations can help build a better life for our customers. At Bayer, our customer’s success is our success, which is why Bayer is not only dedicated in providing the best customer service, but also in providing innovative products that you can count on for the visible results you need in order to be successful.

The Bayer experience begins with our team of ornamental experts. With almost 150 years of collective market experience, the experts on the Bayer ornamentals team have a vast knowledge base that spans from managing a greenhouse as a professional grower and working as a major distributor, to serving as an acclaimed extension specialist and publishing the latest research on plant pathology. Experts such as Aaron Palmateer ( ) are just an email away the moment you need them.

Our science is backed by world-class research and development which has allowed Bayer to offer several products including Altus, Marengo and Broadform which has become the standard in the ornamentals industry.

Altus insecticide is our most novel chemistry, providing selective, broad-spectrum systemic control of insects, making it an excellent option for integrated pest management programs. Altus also has no application timing restrictions – labeled for use before, during and after bloom. Giving you the flexibility you want, with the control you need. Now maximizing your investment and comparing insecticide costs is easier. Head to to see side-by-side numbers for any insecticide you choose.

Our comprehensive herbicide portfolio includes Marengo, the longest-lasting preemergence herbicide for nurseries providing effective control that lasts up to eight months on over 70 different types of weeds. Its active ingredient, indaziflam, is unlike any other preemergence herbicide active ingredient currently on the market. You can now see if Marengo is right for you by comparing different herbicide costs and planning for the future live at See the savings for yourself.

Broadform ornamentals fungicide consistently demonstrates strong control of Botrytis and other major diseases including, leaf spot, powdery mildew, and black spot of rose. The dual modes of action in Broadform, provided by the combination of Fluopyram an SDHI, and trifloxystrobin, a Qol, deliver long-lasting disease management and act quickly to control disease preventatively.

With our knowledgeable, experienced ornamentals experts and myriad of products and solutions, all you have to do is focus on cultivating your business; we’ll handle the science. Together, we’ll grow something beautiful.

Learn more about our ornamental products, find your Bayer representative, and read up on our latest expert ornamentals solutions, Ornamental Insights at our website.

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