Topdress containers with PBH rice hulls

Topdress containers with PBH rice hulls

Apply rice hulls at potting to provide a barrier and reduce container weeds.

December 6, 2017

PBH rice hulls, a product of Riceland Foods, Inc., are the new go-to topdressing material for controlling weeds in nursery containers. Applied at a depth of one to two inches at potting, PBH rice hulls help prevent airborne weed seeds from reaching the growing media and germinating. The result is a dramatic reduction in container weeds, including moss species and liverwort.

Developed by growers, this container topdressing technique significantly reduces hand weeding labor and expense, offers excellent potential for less herbicide use and can decrease drought stress and watering. All for just pennies per container.

Topdressing containers with uniquely processed and parboiled PBH rice hulls supports sustainable plant production. It provides growers with a new method of economical, earth-friendly weed control and is now substantiated by USDA research. PBH rice hulls are OMRI Listed® and WSDA registered, making them suitable for both organic and traditional plant production.

Highly compressed when packaged, PBH rice hulls are available in a 50-lb. standard bag or 30-cu.-ft. bulk bale. The highly compressed packaging lowers freight costs, generates less waste and minimizes storage and handling.

PBH rice hulls are a product of Riceland Foods, Inc. For more information and a list of distributors, visit or call 870-673-5575.