Star Roses and Plants announces Bloomables launch
Image courtesy of Star Roses and Plants

Star Roses and Plants announces Bloomables launch

The product will be available at retail in spring of 2020.


West Grove, PA - Star Roses and Plants has announced the launch of its new brand, Bloomables. Bloomables is a collection of Star Roses and Plants’ best flowering genetics that are easy to grow for consumers. 

“These varieties of roses and woody plants look great at retail and offer high reward in the garden,” President of Star Roses and Plants Bradd Yoder says. “This one-of-a-kind lineup is the only program to focus on the blooms and flowers of plants, allowing consumers to have a garden that blooms all season.” 

Bloomables consists of over 35 different varieties that have been carefully selected by product managers at Star Roses and Plants. The varieties include bright colors, unique textures and interesting foliage. The optional brand will be available at retail in spring of 2020. 

There are many unique features of Bloomables, including the consumer-friendly tag. The tags present the common name first, which consumers are more likely to recognize, and then a simple call out, showing why the plant is special or how it can be used.

“We want to boost consumer confidence by making roses less scary and simplifying shrubs,” Director of Marketing at Star Roses and Plants Kyle McKean says. “We hope to do that through our tags, containers and other point of purchase materials.” 

Star Roses and Plants’ Territory Managers can identify which roses and woodies will perform best in each region and help customers schedule their order, allowing them to offer continuously blooming plants. 

To learn more about Bloomables, click here.