The Spot-Spitter celebrates 50 year anniversary
Spot-Spitters being used for container tree irrigation at Moon Valley Nursery.
Primerus Products

The Spot-Spitter celebrates 50 year anniversary

Jim Roberts' innovative spray stake was introduced in 1972 and is still used today for container tree irrigation.


In 1972, Jim Roberts introduced the Spot-Spitter to the world of tree production. After four years of perfecting it on his own citrus groves, a U.S. patent was issued and the Spot-Spitter was ready for prime time. This was half a century ago, so nearly all irrigation was either flood or impact sprinkler. Drip irrigation hadn't become popular yet.

After 50 years, the Spot-Spitter is still used at progressive nurseries for outdoor irrigation. It has grown into demanding new applications, like container-grown berries or medicinal cannabis. 

The Spot-Spitter irrigates nearly 100% of the trees at:

  • Everde Growers
  • Moon Valley Nursery
  • Norman’s Nursery
  • Cherrylake
  • The majority of the top 100 outdoor container nursery growers in the U.S.
  • Thousands of small to midsize growers and garden centers

From its humble beginnings on Jim Roberts' farm, the Spot-Spitter changed the way nursery growers irrigate.

Today, the Spot-Spitter is manufactured by Primerus Products and sold through the nation's top irrigation dealers. Visit this website or call (855) SPITTER -- (855) 774-8837 -- for more information.