Southern Living Plant Collection & Sunset Western Plant Collection

Southern Living Plant Collection & Sunset Western Plant Collection

Supplement - New Plant Pavilion

March 16, 2021

Jewel Box™ Distylium Distylium hybrid ‘BLDY01’ PPIP

Attractive, soft, blue-green fine textured foliage with a compact, rounded habit makes Jewel Box a great alternative to boxwood or holly. Growing to 2-3 feet high by 3-4 wide and hardy to USDA Zone 7a to 9b, Jewel Box is striking in mass plantings, borders or hedges.

Fool Proof™ Gardenia Gardenia hybrid ‘Leesix’ PPAF

The compact, easy-to-grow Fool Proof™ Gardenia showcases pure white fragrant blooms across three seasons and year-round beauty. Offering superior disease resistance, it’s heat resistant and hardy in Zones 7a to 10b, maturing to 3-4 feet high x 3 feet wide with attractive double blooms.

‘Stellar Ruby’ Magnolia Magnolia hybrid ‘Stellar Ruby’ PPAF

This new Magnolia figo, commonly called banana shrub, is covered with pinkish to ruby banana-scented flowers in late spring reblooming into the summer and early fall. Naturally dense, its full foliage grows quickly, finishes fast for retail but requires little pruning. Hardy to USDA 7a to 9b, ‘Stellar Ruby’ will grow to 10-15 feet high x 6-8 feet wide in 10-15 years without pruning but is easily maintained in home gardens as a smaller shrub with annual or bi-annual pruning.

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