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Customers describe how RootMaker® products improve their plant health and production time, therefore increasing their profitability.

January 10, 2022

From plastic containers to fabric bags, and propagation pots to in-ground knit bags, RootMaker® has changed the way plants are grown and the understanding that roots are the key to a healthy plant. However, as RootMaker® founder Wayne Hinton says, “The plants will tell you what works.”

Some of our customers share their successes with RootMaker® products.

Ellenby Tree Farm

The use of RootMaker® Products has allowed Ellenby Tree Farm to decrease production time over the traditional smooth walled containers, decrease wasted and rejected trees and improved on the quality of trees produced to make Ellenby Tree Farm one of the Leading Tree Suppliers in Australia. RootMaker® was selected due to the quality of the containers, this is important from an environmental aspect. Ellenby Tree Farm steam sterilises and reuses its containers where it can due to the distance that the containers need to travel. Many of the 3-gallon pots have been in circulation for over 7 years and have 2 cycles per year. This has reduced the amount of waste in the landfill and the carbon footprint that each tree has. www.ellenbytreefarm.com

Iowa Native Trees and Shrubs

What’s our secret to growing strong trees? It’s all in the roots! RootMaker® growing system assists us in creating roots that are more fibrous and spread out. This helps the trees to create more branched roots that lead to more surface area to help with absorption of nutrients and water. Our customers demand and specify RootMaker grown trees. www.iowanativetreesandshrubs.com

Eric Davis, Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto

I use RootMaker® because I think it's the best tree-growing technology on the market, and I stick with RootMaker® because the staff are so genuinely knowledgeable, helpful, and interested in conservation. Their technology has been developed and refined over decades, using scientific experiments, and has produced hundreds of pages of literature to help guide tree-growing at all scales. From one tree to 1 million trees, RootMaker® will help you develop a growing system to suit your project, and you'll end up with the best trees you’ve ever seen. www.ericdavies.ca

Carolina Native Nursery

Carolina Native Nursery discovered RootMaker® technology almost two decades ago. After an initial trial of 1-gallon containers and liner trays, the superior plants were easy to see. The trial plants were visually larger in comparison and upon further examination, the root systems were outstanding. And the durability of the RootMaker® products allows for many years of production, fitting perfectly into our sustainability mission. Consequently, RootMaker® is utilized in all of our liner production and is an integral part of Carolina Native growing into the largest producer of native azaleas in the U.S. www.carolinanativenursery.com


Restore the Earth Foundation

Restore the Earth has incorporated the RootMaker® system into the growing of our trees, and our experience on large scale reforestation with RootMaker® is 2½ times faster growth and over 90% survival on our projects, which in most cases are in very difficult environments. www.restoretheearth.org


Possibility Place Nursery

Both Physocarpus (pictured 1-gal RootMaker® vs. conventional pot) were treated the same with soil mix, fertility, and water. The pictures tell the story. No circling roots, faster growth in RootMaker® pots.

Why would anyone grow plants in smooth pots if they wanted bigger, faster, and better plants?

- Kelsay Shaw, owner & botanist, and Connor Shaw, founder www.possibilityplace.com

Leu Gardens

Both plants (pictured) are ornamental cabbage ‘Crane Bicolor’ and were grown side by side, one in a RootMaker® tray and the other in a conventional 24-cell tray. Same soil, light, water, and fertilizer. Just look at the difference between the two plants!

- Robert Bowden, director, Leu Gardens, www.leugardens.org