Three stabilized substrate companies unify as Quick Plug Global

Three stabilized substrate companies unify as Quick Plug Global

The merger brings together 75 years of industry knowledge and an extensive product line.

July 9, 2018
Propagation by Quick Plug

Quick Plug B.V., a leading producer of stabilized seeding and cutting media for professional horticulture and vertical growth systems, has announced that it will merge with North American sister companies Grow-Tech (United States) and Omni Growing Solutions (Canada) to form Quick Plug Global.

All three brands will now use the Quick Plug name. The merger brings together 75 years of industry knowledge and an extensive product line. Along with the newly formed company comes a refreshed website, a new brand identity and slogan, “The evolution of roots.”

Quick Plug managing director John van der Maarel made the announcement during the opening day of GreenTech, an annual trade show held in Amsterdam from June 12-14.

“This is an exciting day to be a part of the Quick Plug Global team,” remarked van der Maarell. “By unifying all three companies, we will be able to better serve our customers across the globe while continuing to offer the same high-quality, stabilized substrates needed for healthy plant growth.”

While presenting the new slogan, van der Maarel announced that although the company name has changed, customers can expect the same quality growing media and expert service that they have received previously.

“For the most part everything will stay the same. The innovations, quality and direct contact with our Netherlands, Canadian and United States based teams will remain unchanged,” van der Maarel said.

Quick Plug at Cultivate'18 in Columbus, Ohio.

One of the main benefits to the integration is the sharing of knowledge and systems between the three companies. For instance, van der Maarel says the Holland-based Quick Plug team is looking forward to working more with Edwin Dijkshoorn, the managing director of Quick Plug North America, and the inventor of the ZenPlug, a patented tissue culture plug. Access to best practices from the North American, Canadian and a Dutch office is a big perk, says James Chittum, director of business development for Quick Plug North America.

“We have the ability to share that information and share best practices from all those different regions and now growers can that are in America can learn from us about what's really going on in the greenhouses growing things like orchids or cyclamen in Holland,” Chittum says. “They want to know what those guys are doing.”

The information flows the other way, too. In the hyper-local grower markets in Europe, interest is picking up in vertical farming and urban agriculture. Those fields had a bigger head start in the U.S., so it makes sense that the North America Quick Plug team could serve as a resource to European growers.

The three companies that make up the new Quick Plug Global are owned by Dümmen Orange, a Netherlands-based plant breeding and development company.

Quick Plug Global introduced its new brand and identity to its United States audience during Cultivate ‘18 in Columbus, Ohio June 14-17.

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