Plant Health Secrets: The Underground Playbook

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Look to plant growth solutions from SePRO for top-quality plants from top to bottom.

June 2, 2022

When it comes to growing top quality plants, SePRO has some exciting tools to offer that help you improve crop marketability.

Topflor Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) is one of the most versatile PGRs available. Topflor has the strength to regulate vigorous species yet provides the proper amount of growth control for slower growing crops. Though Topflor is most active via root uptake, it can be electively utilized through foliar sprays. As a result, drench applications of Topflor are more economical than many other PGRs. Topflor treated plants exhibit little-to-no delay in blooms. In fact, most plants treated with Topflor display a more vibrant flower as well as darker green foliage. The compact growth resulting from Topflor applications strengthens and tones plants, increasing their tolerance of pest, environmental, and shipping stresses.

A-Rest Plant Growth Regulator is the tried-and-true PGR for plugs, transplants, bedding plants, and perennials. A-Rest provides just the right amount of growth regulation: gentle enough on tender plugs and transplants yet strong enough to adequately regulate perennials. A-Rest reduces internode elongation, resulting in a more compact plant with darker green leaves. A-Rest has no adverse effects to flowers, including no flower delay, no residue, and no phytotoxicity. A-Rest also strengthens and tones plants, readying them for transplanting and shipping.

Cutless Granular is a grower’s top solution for reducing labor input while also growing a higher quality plant that is sellable throughout the season. The easy-to-apply granule reduces internode elongation, resulting in less pruning and shearing and providing significant cost savings. Eliminating the need to prune and shear allows the plants to be in sellable condition all season long. Plants treated with Cutless Granular display a desirable compact appearance, darker green foliage, and ?owering in some species.

SpinOut Root Growth Regulator stops roots from growing through the walls of containers and other treated fabrics. When applied to the inside of containers and fabrics, SpinOut improves plant health by preventing root circling and matting. This allows for a healthy ?brous root system that absorbs water and nutrients more electively. Improving root health also improves tolerance of pests and environmental stresses. SpinOut treated materials produce plants with greater health and longevity.