Brentano's Tree Farm breeds new pin oak

Pacific Brilliance is a pin oak with upright branching and brilliant fall color.

November 13, 2013

MADISON, Ohio -- Brentano's Tree Farm, LLC and UpShoot are working together to promote Pacific Brilliance Pin Oak, an improved pin oak tree with upright branching and brilliant fall color.

What Makes Pacific Brilliance Different
What makes this pin oak tree tangibly different is a consistently upright branching pattern. Other straight species pin oaks have pendulous branches which limits their ability to be used by landscape designers and architects alike. Pacific Brilliance is perfect for commercial landscapes, large parking lot strips and residential settings as lawn maintenance vehicles can be easily maneuvered underneath them.

Unlike other pin oaks, newly developed leaves in spring are covered in a frosty, white pubescence replaced by shiny, lustrous green spring foliage. Fall color intensity is dependent upon soil and weather conditions featuring brilliant shades of fiery reds and oranges.

Patent holders Brentano's Tree Farm state Pacific Brilliance boasts a 90 percent-plus budding success rate. This is much higher than other pin oaks, making it a more profitable plant to produce. Additionally, in all the years of growing Pacific Brilliance, they have never experienced bud incompatibility which can be a problem with some Pin Oak varieties.

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