Panicum virgatum ‘Dallas Blues’

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Sing the praises of this switchgrass for its lovely color combination and eye-catching texture.

November 3, 2014
NM Staff

Switchgrass is a must-have in the landscape because of its versatility, therefore it’s essential to add to your production schedule. And ‘Dallas Blues’ kicks it up a notch with its blue leaves, pink seed heads and graceful movement. This cultivar shines alone as a specimen and creates a striking scene when planted en masse.

Why grow Panicum virgatum ‘Dallas Blues?’

• It’s drought tolerant – an important trait with many consumers.

• It’s not picky about soils, and despite the first point about it being drought tolerant, it will also thrive on the banks of ponds, in a rain garden or in a bioretention area.

• It provides shelter to birds during winter, as long as heavy snows don’t topple it.

• The color combination is worth mentioning again. Wide leaves of blue appear in spring and last through mid-fall when foliage turns gold. Pink plumes rise above the foliage in the summer.


Source: Hoffman Nursery, Chalet Nursery, Walters Gardens

Photo courtesy of Hoffman Nursery Inc.