Sophora affinis

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This flowering beauty shines in almost any landscape situation

February 8, 2013

Name: Sophora affinis

Common Name: Eve’s necklace, pink sophora

Description: The dark lustrous green leaves are borne in a rounded to upright oval crown. In spring it produces rosy-pink flowers that hang in wisteria- like clusters, followed by fruit pods in late summer and fall that resemble a black string of beads, giving it its common name. It grows to 15-35 feet tall and 10- 20 feet wide at maturity.

Culture: Eve’s Necklace can grow in sun or as an understory tree. In dense woods it can even be vine-like.

Hardiness: USDA Hardiness Zones 7-9.

Propagation: By seed.

Attributes: Interesting flowers, tolerant of many soil types, high tolerance to heat, and low water needs once established. NM


Source: Texas A&M Horticulture

Photo courtesy of Yvonne Daniel;