2018 new varieties: Terra Nova Nurseries

2018 new varieties: Terra Nova Nurseries

Check out four new introductions from the Oregon perennial grower.

August 31, 2018
Edited by Matt McClellan

Editor's note: We're highlighting the plants from our 2018 New Plant Pavilion. Check out the whole list here or in our February issue!

Artemisia Makana™ Silver

Artemisia Makana™ Silver makes a mounding, small shrub. Its soft, silvery foliage works great in a mixed container or in the ground. Can be used for containers, accent, or planted in mass. It can be trained as a small specimen tree. It is fast growing and needs good drainage. It is perennial in USDA Zones 9-11. A soft, billowy silver mound with softer looking foliage than other Artemisia. Better habit than the species. 

Echinacea Kismet™ White

Kismet® White matches this amazing series with its great compact, upright habit. It has numerous, large and long lasting white flowers and a long bloom time. The plant looks great in gallons and in gardens. Kismet® White is different due to sheer flower number and a fabulous habit. It blooms first year, early in the season, with large flowers and continues until a hard frost. A great plant! 

Echinacea Prima™ Ginger

Charming multicolored blooms that start a soft orange and age to a pink tone. Extremely short, clumping habit with multiple crowns. Blooms the first year with numerous flowers. Lovely in a container or as a border. Has an extremely short habit and lots of flowers. It blooms first year, early in the season and continues until a hard frost. A stunning plant! 

Geum Pretticoats™ Peach

Pretticoats™ Peach reblooms all summer here in Oregon. Airy, semi-double, peach flowers in abundance cover this fresh, easy to grow perennial. Amazingly green leaves with a compact habit make it perfect in a pot or in a border. Better habit and longer blooming than other hybrids. Shorter flower height. Holds the flowers to the side rather than down. The Pretticoats™ Collection is more compact than the Tempo™. 

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