National Audubon Society and Bower & Branch announce Costco partnership
Blue jay and hairy woodpecker.
Marie Schmidt/Audubon Photography Awards

National Audubon Society and Bower & Branch announce Costco partnership

The partnership will bring native plants to the wholesaler, which will be available on Costco’s website through June 21.


The National Audubon Society and Bower & Branch have released a special selection of Audubon-certified native oak trees online at Gardeners can order the eight to 10-foot tall trees online and have them delivered directly to their home, now through June 21. Each purchase supports Audubon’s nonprofit conservation mission.

“As many of us spent time closer to home this spring, the natural world outside our windows has provided welcome connection and interaction,” said John Rowden, senior director of Audubon’s Bird Friendly Communities and Plants for Birds initiatives, which matches gardeners up with attractive plants that grow naturally in their area. “Planting trees and other plants native to your region is one of the best ways to welcome birds to your yard or garden. Native plants not only attract more birds, but they’re adapted to local climate conditions, so they require less maintenance than more exotic varieties. In fact, it’s more of a challenge to find them available for sale than to grow them, so we’re enormously excited about Audubon’s new partnership with Bower & Branch, including this special tree collection for Costco.”

As part of the Plants for Birds program, Audubon's Native Plants Database helps home gardeners find the best plants for the birds in their area. Growing bird-friendly plants offers food sources and habitat for birds, and offers a low-fuss, no pesticide alternative to high-maintenance exotic plants. Audubon also offers an opportunity for home birders to document what they see in their gardens with its new Hummingbirds at Home community science initiative, helping track hummingbird species and their movements. Explore all of Audubon’s native plant resources here, including factsheets on creating a native plant garden and how it can save you money.

Audubon’s partnership with Bower & Branch, an e-commerce retailer and network of growers and garden centers across the United States, provides Audubon Native Plants for Birds that are better for birds, pollinators and other wildlife. All Audubon Native Plants & Trees grown by Bower & Branch are 100% free of neonicotinoid pesticides.

“Bower & Branch understands the importance of native plants and trees to nurture and protect birds and the environment,” said Jose Carbonell, Audubon’s chief marketing officer. “Working with Bower & Branch’s network of experienced growers and nurseries, along with its retailers such as Costco, will increase the availability of native plants, make it easier for people to adopt a bird-friendly lifestyle, and drive conservation impact in our communities.”

Four species of Audubon Oak Trees are now on sale at, including Pin Oak, Bur Oak, White Oak, and Northern Red Oak Tree, exclusively grown by Bower & Branch. All four varieties are native to the Eastern Seaboard and parts of the Midwest, and may provide food and shelter for Blue Jays, flickers, woodpeckers and other local and migrating birds.

“As a member of the horticulture industry, we have a responsibility to people and the planet,” said Don Eaton, CEO and founder of Bower & Branch. “Silent skies are not anything we want to experience, and there’s a reason to plant natives now for future generations. I’m full of hope that we can make change with Audubon. It’s a chance for a dynamic shift.”

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