The National Garden Bureau wants your feedback!

The National Garden Bureau wants your feedback!

Tell the industry where you think the future of gardening is headed by taking a quick survey.


The National Garden Bureau is celebrating its 100th anniversary by looking to the future and they want your input!

Last fall, NGB conducted a survey among consumers and got some interesting results related to their future gardens. Now that the spring rush is somewhat calming down, NGB wants you, the industry, to share where you think gardening might be in the future by completing the below survey.

Act now! Survey will only be open until Tuesday, June 16!

(Per the NGB: If you already took this survey when it first deployed in March, thank you! You do not have to take it again.)

Results will be presented next month at the Virtual Cultivate'20 event. Thanks for sharing your input on what the future of gardening will be.

Take the Future of Gardening Survey here.