MSU stresses need for vigilance in fight against SLF
Photo courtesy of Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

MSU stresses need for vigilance in fight against SLF

The announcement comes after dead spotted lanternfly (SLF) specimens were found in the state.


Dead spotted lanternflies have been discovered in the state of Michigan. Read the announcement published by Michigan State University Extension here:

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) announced the first detections of the invasive spotted lanternfly found in Michigan. Fortunately, the specimens were dead and there is no evidence that the spotted lanternfly has become established in Michigan.

In at least one case, dead adult spotted lanternflies were noticed by a citizen at work, who then photographed and reported his discovery. When regulatory officials followed up on the report, they found the insects had hitchhiked on materials shipped into Michigan. This situation highlights the importance of public awareness and vigilance. Knowing what to look for and where to report a suspect detection is a key element of managing new invasive pests. Detecting spotted lanternfly before it becomes established and widespread provides critical time for implementing actions to minimize its effects in Michigan.

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