Michigan State hires new weed specialist for ornamentals
Debalina Saha
Image courtesy of Michigan State Department of Horticulture.

Michigan State hires new weed specialist for ornamentals

The school's Department of Horticulture added Debalina Saha as a new assistant professor of horticulture specializing in weed management in the ornamental horticulture industry.


The Michigan State University Department of Horticulture hired a new assistant professor specializing in weed science in ornamental crop production. Debalina Saha joined the department in July of 2019 and is serving the landscape, nursery, greenhouse and Christmas tree industries. She has a 50% extension, 35% research and 15% teaching appointment.

Prior to joining the department, she earned her bachelor’s and Master of Science degrees at University of Calcutta in India with a major in Botany. Saha earned her doctorate at University of Florida in May 2019. Her dissertation was on assessing the influence of mulch physical and chemical properties on preemergent herbicides and weed control for ornamental crop production. In her research, she assessed herbicide formulations (granular and liquid), moisture levels, mulch types and depth on weed control.

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