Michigan Farm Bureau says 56,000 people have signed a petition to reopen greenhouses and garden centers
Photo: Martin Bergsma, Adobe Stock

Michigan Farm Bureau says 56,000 people have signed a petition to reopen greenhouses and garden centers

The organization updated its efforts in a statement issued on April 21.


The Michigan Farm Bureau released the following statement on April 21 as it works on gaining support for its petition to reopen Michigan greenhouses and garden centers amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

"Thank you. Those two words feel deeply inadequate for the extreme gratitude the Michigan Farm Bureau family has for the overwhelming support county Farm Bureau members, agricultural advocates and even consumers, showed over the past two weeks – speaking out on behalf of our state’s greenhouses and garden centers.

In an unprecedented demonstration of grassroots strength and agility, more than 56,000 individuals delivered messages to the governor, state representatives and senators, and the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, imploring them to allow the retail sale of plants, nursery stock and flowers.

Michigan Farm Bureau continues to believe all of agriculture is essential and will continue to advocate on your behalf as the Michigan Legislature and Whitmer Administration develop, debate and implement plans to reopen the state’s economy.

To that end, on April 17 MFB President Carl Bednarski and Michigan Chamber of Commerce President Rich Studley penned a letter to state leaders, urging them to develop a bipartisan strategy and work together with industry to make positive, common sense changes to allow businesses to operate and employees to return to work.

Michigan Farm Bureau staff continue to work around the clock advocating on the behalf of greenhouse growers and garden center operators, and all our farmer members. Our mission is to ensure your businesses and communities are best positioned for the coming days, weeks and months – whether that’s reopening your doors, finding markets for your commodities, applying for financial assistance, seeking adequate labor and so much more.

Thank you for being a steadfast voice for agriculture."