MANTS 2017 recap

MANTS 2017 recap

See what you missed at the industry's first trade show of 2017.

January 18, 2017

MANTS is a juggernaut of a show, with 11,300 total registrants and 3,650 non-exhibiting buying companies. Attendees from 45 states and 16 different countries traveled to Baltimore Jan. 11-13 for the 47th annual MANTS trade show. We kicked off our coverage with an update from MANTS executive vice president Vanessa Finney about how the show has changed for 2017.

We also interviewed Colby Eaton, marketing director with Bower & Branch, about the impact e-commerce could have on growers and retailers. The "Find Your Perfect Match" program, for example, helps consumers find the exact tree they want even if they had no idea what they wanted.

We received a research update from Dan Stahl of OHP about Astun, a new fungicide OHP is developing with ISK Biosciences that targets botrytis and leaf spots on greenhouse and nursery crops.

We also got a science lesson explaining how the design of the RootMaker container system creates a fibrous, laterally-branching root system that helps transplanted trees grow faster. Watch the Day 1 video here.

The trade show floor was bustling on the afternoon of Day 1, Jan. 11.

During the second day of the Baltimore-based event, we got the scoop on Brie Arthur's new book, The Foodscape Revolution, which covers how pairing edibles in a traditional ornamental landscape can be beautiful and HOA approved.

We discussed an exciting project with The American Landscape Institute, and how and why growers like Manor View Farm are getting involved. We also learned the reasons behind the rebranding of BrazelBerries to Bushel and Berry, and why a new name and new look has poised these compact, self-pollinating plants to soar in 2017.

We also learned about Applause, a new miticide from OHP with a magenta-colored active ingredient that can be used to measure the effectiveness of your spray coverage. We also went in-depth on the advantages of the RootMaker system, and how it eliminates root circling. Watch the Day 2 video here.

Steve Black accepts the Nursery Management Grower of the Year award at the Horticultural Research Institute's Reception, Jan. 12.

In our final show daily from MANTS 2017, we revealed our Grower of the Year, Steve Black of Raemelton Farm. Read much more about Black in our January cover story. We also discussed the biggest legislative issues facing the industry with Craig Regelbrugge of AmericanHort,including synthetic pyrethroids, labor, WOTUS, and more.

Finally, we talked with Bill Jones of Carolina Native Nursery about the impact of 'outside influencers' like the National Audubon Society on the native plant market.

We also were introduced to Areca, a new fungicide from OHP built to handle root rot problems, and learned the different types of root pruning that make the RootMaker system different.  Watch the Day 3 video here.

MANTS 2018 will take place Jan. 10 – 12, 2018.