LandscapeHub and Epicor announce plans to form partnership

LandscapeHub and Epicor announce plans to form partnership

Both companies expect to produce powerful market insights to benefit their shared user base and retail industry.


LandscapeHub, the digital marketplace for the landscaping, nursery and retail garden center industry, and Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, announced on Jan. 8  they are working to form a strategic alliance to drive retail efficiency and business growth. With this agreement, retailers running Epicor retail solutions in nearly 8,000 locations can streamline their plant purchasing and selling through a seamless integration linking the two company’s systems.

“LandscapeHub has created the industry’s first standardized plant database, which we expect to help our customers bridge the gap between landscape businesses and retail stores and take advantage of the digital supply chain. Our work and alliance with LandscapeHub are designed to allow Epicor retail customers to enhance their plant purchasing and selling processes and provides an added benefit to leverage the company’s plant and purchasing data,” said Sam Kirkland, strategic relationship manager from Epicor.

With the increasing popularity of its marketplace, thousands of landscape and nursery professionals across the country are turning to LandscapeHub to source, estimate and order plants and landscape materials from hundreds of available suppliers. Through a partnership with Epicor, LandscapeHub will be able to further expand its user base, and provide Epicor users with the convenience of being a part of a digital supply chain for green goods, driving greater supply chain visibility, better pricing for landscape retailers and faster procurement of goods and services.

“Professionals around the world have embraced Epicor to power the way they manage their businesses,” said Lisa Fiore, CEO and co-founder of LandscapeHub. “We are excited about and expect our partnership with Epicor will make it easier than ever to collaborate seamlessly across the two platforms, giving the nursery and landscape industry the ability to get more done.”

“As an Epicor customer, this relationship will give me an easy way to access information across both systems to make my business and other garden center businesses more profitable and operate more efficiently,” stated Brian Riddle, president, Homestead Gardens and Epicor customer for 40 years. “I’m looking forward to having the ability to access LandscapeHub’s plant database and ordering capabilities from within my Epicor solution.”

Working together, Epicor and LandscapeHub expect to produce powerful market insights to benefit their shared user base and retail industry. The parties expect their integration availability plans will be released later in 2020.

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