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The Jiffypot R2 is the ultimate in ‘degradable durability.’

March 8, 2019

At Jiffy, our focus is providing growers with the highest quality products which enhance the successful propagation or cultivation of plants.

The Jiffypot R2 is specifically designed for uses in which the pot integrity is expected to stand up over an extended period of time (greater than six months and fewer than two years). Keeping most of the original characteristics of the original Jiffypot, using peat and wood fiber as the main ingredients, it is the addition of an extra raw material that makes sure the pot stays dry (hydrophobic in the early stages) and maintains its rigid form over the long term (still maintaining its natural, earthy look).

Much like the original Jiffypot, the R2 was designed with the plant’s overall health as the primary concern throughout the process. Often plants that are taken from their ‘original’ environments before planting will experience a transplant shock, causing stunted growth and in some cases failed crops. Jiffypot R2 allows growers/consumers the ability to have an eco-friendly solution that can be handled and planted in its original environment, leading to greater success rates and easier planting. The R2 pot is fully biodegradable when placed in the soil. You simply plant the pot and all directly into the ground or into larger containers without disturbing the root zone, and thus no soil loss. Your planting program is one forward action, without returning for cleanup.

Landscapers have seen the benefits of the R2 pot as well. The Jiffy R2 pot allows landscapers and home gardeners the opportunity to plant the pot without any cleanup or disposal issues (zero waste). As in any business, time is money. Savings of up to 30 percent in labor costs have been experienced by our customers, which more than pays for the cost of the R2 pot. This is truly an “added value” concept for any grower or nursery looking to improve their customer’s handling requirements.

Benefits of the R2 aren’t limited to the planting of the pot as a whole. Through extensive trialing at Van Pines Nursery in Holland, Mich., growers have seen that trees grown in the Jiffy R2 pot will be able to go to market 1-2 years sooner due to increased top growth and heavier root mass. The R2 pot allows for the free flow of oxygen (fully breathable walls), while letting the roots grow freely through the pot wall and allowing air to act as a natural root pruner. Natural root pruning keeps the roots from spiraling in the pot, allowing for a better root structure and a stronger crop all around. Jiffy has selected thermoformed trays made in-house for some pots, while we can also recommend other shuttle or carrying trays from other manufacturers, depending on the pot size.

“The biggest benefit to our customers and us is the 360 degree air root pruning and extending the accelerated growth characteristics of the plug onto the 2nd year. Within our own operation we are seeing Jiffypot R2 grown trees going to market 1-2 years sooner compared to standard plastic pots.” -Evan Van Slooten, Van Pines Nursery, Holland, Mich.

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