IR-4 researchers need your feedback

IR-4 researchers need your feedback

Growers and extension professionals are urged to fill out survey to ID disease, pest, weed issues.

July 18, 2019

The IR-4 Project (IR-4) facilitates registrations in the U.S. of conventional pesticides and biopesticides on horticulture and specialty food crops.

Every other year, IR-4 seeks input from nursery and greenhouse growers, landscape professionals and cooperative extension agents to address general and specific disease, pest and weed problems they face and those that are difficult to manage due to a lack of sufficient management tools.

July 31 is the deadline to fill out the Grower & Extension Survey and participants may remain anonymous. Find the survey here

Since 2003, the program has contributed several million dollars to pest, disease and weed research of herbaceous perennials ($1.3 million), woody plants ($4 million) and annuals ($4 million), according to Cristi Palmer, IR-4 Environmental Horticulture Program Manager.