HRI will host spotted lanternfly webinar

HRI will host spotted lanternfly webinar

The free webinar, which is part of the tHRIve web series, is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 17, at 11:00 a.m. ET.


Join Brian Walsh for a free webinar and arm your team with the latest research information and strategies to protect against the invasive spotted lanternfly (SLF).


This session will cover the status, impacts and management of SLF in North America, including the latest information on the distribution of SLF, SLF host preferences and impacts on ornamental plants. The webinar will also cover the latest SLF management research on insecticide trials and treatment recommendations.

Brian Walsh is a Penn State Extension Horticulture Educator based in Berks County, Pennsylvania. He has been tasked with SLF research for Penn State College of Agriculture, specifically with identifying and testing control tactics and techniques for ornamental plants. As a commercial pesticide applicator near the original SLF introduction into Pennsylvania, Brian has 5 years of experience studying the invasive plant pest, SLF since soon after its discovery in late 2014. As a member of the Penn State SLF team, he has been working with other researchers studying the SLF lifecycle and biology, feeding impacts on plants and ways to mitigate their impacts.

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