How to build a spotted lanternfly circle trap
The fourth instar nymph of the spotted lanternfly has distinctive red patches and white spots.
Photo courtesy of Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

How to build a spotted lanternfly circle trap

Penn State Extension shares tips on how to use traps or sticky bands to protect trees from spotted lanternflies.


The spotted lanternfly (SLF) is an invasive insect that feeds on grapevines and trees. There are a variety of options for SLF management, but one way to kill a lot of SLF without using insecticides is to trap them. The immature lanternflies (called nymphs) are often blown out of the canopy of the trees where they are feeding. Nymphs then walk to the trunk of trees and climb back up to start feeding again. We can take advantage of this predictable behavior of the nymphs by using traps to catch them as they climb up trees.

Many people in SLF infested areas have been using sticky bands wrapped around trees to capture nymphs. While this method can successfully capture many SLF nymphs it can also unfortunately occasionally capture birds and other creatures. If you are planning to use sticky bands this year, you should build a raised guard of wire or screening around the band to prevent other creatures from getting stuck on them. Penn State Extension has a short video that shows how to properly use sticky bands.

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