GardenComm will present "A Betrothal" as part of fundraiser event

GardenComm will present "A Betrothal" as part of fundraiser event

Tickets for the humorous play about two frustrated flower breeders are on sale now, and on-demand streaming will be available Dec. 3-6.


Announced via press release, Garden Communicators International (GardenComm) will be presenting the lively one-act play, ‘A Betrothal,’ by Lanford Wilson, Dec 3-6.

GardenComm is an organization that provides opportunities for education and career development for its garden communicator members. But like many businesses and organizations, the current state of the world found GardenComm unable to hold its annual conference, which is the group’s largest source of revenue.

To make up for the lost funds, GardenComm has expanded its online educational offerings, delivering a steady stream of webinars that cover topics such as improving your writing skills, mastering online interviews, and getting to the top of search engine results. All aimed at delivering the type of educational content that members miss when in-person national and regional events are canceled. The revenue covers some of the group’s expenses, but not all.

So when GardenComm member Natalie Carmolli presented the idea for a fundraising event that would not only appeal to its members, but also to the general public, it seemed like a perfect addition to its slate of online content delivery.

Carmolli’s idea was to present a 35-minute play, called ‘A Betrothal’, which was written in the mid-1980s by Lanford Wilson for the married actor pair, Uta Hagan and Herbert Berghof. Billed as “A warm-hearted and gently humorous study of two frustrated flower breeders.” the horticultural nature of the piece caught Carmolli’s eye early in the year. Since she and her husband Joe are both thespians, they suggested the play to a local theater, and a recording of it was added to its virtual summer season. When asked why they wanted to re-record the performance, Carmolli answered, “When you take the time to rehearse and refine a play, normally you get a chance to perform it many times in front of live audiences. But a recorded performance only occurs once, and we wanted one more opportunity to stage this wonderful play.” The connection to GardenComm was a natural fit.

The ticket, billed as an evening of entertainment, will also include an introduction by Kelly Norris and an opening musical number by Pat and Becky Stone. ‘A Betrothal’ is produced with permission by Dramatists Play Service and was recorded and edited by Adriana Robinson. All artists have donated their time and talents for this fundraising event. Tickets are on sale now and on-demand streaming will be available Dec. 3-6. Pricing starts at just $10 and can be purchased and streamed from the ShowTix4U website.