Forrest Keeling Nursery names new president
Kimberley Lovelace-Young.
Forrest Keeling Nursery.

Forrest Keeling Nursery names new president

Kimberley Lovelace-Young will succeed her father, Wayne Lovelace, as president.


On May 18, Forrest Keeling Nursery (FKN) announced that Kimberley Lovelace-Young will take the position of president. This is a milestone for the family-owned Midwest company, which was established in 1948. The nursery's mission is to restore the earth’s ecosystem one tree at a time.

Lovelace-Young follows her father, Wayne Lovelace, as FKN president. Lovelace will continue to in his role as CEO. His focus will be on plant and soil research with emphasis on their mutual benefits.

“I’m excited to see Kim take on this leadership role with our company,” said Lovelace. “Kim grew up in the nursery industry and is instrumental in promotion of its best practices. She worked with some of its giants; for example, Armstrong Nurseries in California and Missouri-based Stark Brothers. She also played a significant role in commercializing our patented RPM-production technology.”

RPM-production is exclusive to FKN. It is an all-natural technology that helps produce plants.

Lovelace-Young accepted the position of FKN vice-president and general manager in 2004. She represents the nursery on projects throughout North America as well as globally. She took part in Governor Nixon’s trade mission to China in 2011. She later executed contracts in both China and South Africa for the nursery.

“I plan to continue our family’s legacy for excellence and innovation. Our mission speaks to our well-established dedication to native plants. They play a key role in soil health and conservation remediation,” said Lovelace-Young.

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