Fleuroselect awards 2020 gold medals

The three plants — 'Madonna' shasta daisy, 'Sibella Carmine' silene and 'Baby Rose' tropaeolum — are available to growers this year.

February 8, 2019

Fleuroselect has announced its 2020 gold medal winners. The winners are available to growers for 2019 and will reach retail markets in 2020.

Leucanthemum x superbum 'Madonna'

Breeder: PanAmerican Seed

Here is the next icon in shasta daisy! This new variety from seed has been developed to be competitive with the latest cutting-raised varieties. 'Madonna' shines with nearly perfect uniformity in height and habit, resulting in better branched and bulked plants. This shasta daisy not only looks wonderful in pots and containers but also gives a beautiful result in beds or landscaping. 'Madonna' is easy to care for, builds new flowers over the fading ones and flowers from summer to early autumn. 'Madonna' is a highly improved shasta daisy from seed that flowers a genuine alternative to the vegetative varieties. Thanks to the improved uniformity in height and habit, the jury members were unanimous in handing out the medal.

Silene pendula 'Sibella Carmine'

Breeder: Van Hemert & Co

'Sibella Carmine' is a multifunctional colour blast for pots, containers and bedding. Growers can produce this silene either as a new early spring flowering biennial or as a classical annual to diversify the standard bedding range. Retail will love this colour boost to kick off spring sales and consumers will be enchanted by the impressive cascade of tiny rose flowers that not only works wonders on the terrace but also is a spectacular ground cover in the garden. Highly impressed with the intense colour, bright semi-double flowers and early flowering, the judges were united in awarding this silene with a gold medal.

Tropaeolum minus 'Baby Rose'

Breeder: Takii

Here is 'Baby Rose', Takii’s latest new-born in non-trailing tropaeolum. Like other nasturtiums, 'Baby Rose' is an excellent home garden performer. Thanks to its very compact plant habit, Takii also foresees new commercial possibilities in pack and pot production. With its new deep-rose flower color and small dark-green foliage, 'Baby Rose' is an exciting addition to the existing seed packet assortment to cover larger outside spaces and landscapes.The jury appreciated the very compact habit, the innovative color and also clearly saw the potential of this new variety as a pot item, therefore awarding it a medal for 2020.