EZRack Rental Program

Advertorial - Product introductions

January 6, 2021

Our EZRack rental program allows you to ship products to retailers on our patented EZRacks and we handle all logistics of rack pick up after you ship! Renting EZRacks allows less upfront fixed costs and eliminates the hassle of wooden rack disposal for your retail customers. This program is perfect for finished, pre-finished, or propagative nursery material. EZRacks handle up to 1,800 pounds and can be assembled in less than 3 minutes using only a mallet. You can load and unload a full-size truck in less than 30 minutes with greater “cube out.” We recover from 10,000+ retailers and independent garden centers nationwide, including The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Costco, Menards, Pikes, and Ace Hardware. Contact the EZRack team at sales@ezrack.com to learn more.

EZRack Purchase Program

Save money on skyrocketing wood prices by owning reusable EZRacks, so you can quickly ship when you need to. EZRack’s unique keyhole rivet design locks components together, enabling them to ride securely on standard pallets without fasteners. Racks are available in three types: Heavy Duty (1,800-pound capacity), Light Duty (1,000-pound capacity), and Economy (750-pound capacity). They can be customized by color or size, with smaller sizes being perfect for retail displays. Get an EZRack quote today by calling (877) 977-7225.


Nurseries sell more with our fully kitted retail-ready racks that can be shipped directly to retailers. These work perfectly for your annual seasonal items, such as wreaths or tabletop trees. You can order from three sizes or go custom, with wrap options in plastic and paper corrugate. Products are shipped ready to be displayed, minimizing damage and eliminating the need to remerchandise. EZRacks for merchandising are available to rent or buy. Customers see an average increase in-store merchandise per pallet position by 50-200%, while reducing merchandising costs up to 50%. Contact us at sales@ezrack.com to learn more.

Cart & Rack Sweeps

Up to 30% of all nursery carts are lost or stolen. End the frustration and expense of recovering your owned carts or racks by allowing us to recover them. We fulfill sweeps for various reasons, including one-off shipments, long distances, and end-of-year market clean up. With an average 90%+ recovery rate, you can spend less money replacing your assets and create a bigger market for your products! Visit www.ezrack.com for more information.