Dümmen Orange opens Elite facility in Germany

Dümmen Orange opens Elite facility in Germany

The breeder is opening the facility as part of its Greencare policy.

June 7, 2018
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Rheinberg, Germany — Dümmen Orange has opened its new Elite facility on May 30 in Rheinberg, according to a press release. During the ceremony the doors of the Elite facility were officially closed by Biense Visser, CEO of Dümmen Orange, and Frank Tatzel, mayor of Rheinberg. The closing is the starting point of Dümmen Orange’s new hygiene Greencare policy in the greenhouse. The high-tech greenhouse will secure a disease-free production start for all Dümmen Orange bedding plants, perennials and pot plants and is going to be the backbone of the company’s global production location, according to the release. Together with its partners, Dümmen Orange celebrated the result of years of preparation and development.

The Elite Rheinberg facility is an important milestone in the development and implementation of Dümmen Orange’s Greencare policy, according to the release. Greencare describes the mandatory preventive hygiene measures for people and locations to keep plants clean. It sets guidelines for the control of a clean plant stock through diagnostic tests, scouting on pests and diseases, audits and inspections. With Greencare, Dümmen Orange sets the highest level of phyto security in the industry, which can only be achieved through facilities that outperform and reduces risks for our own operation and customers, according to the release.

“We take our responsibility for avoiding worldwide distribution of plant diseases,” said Biense Visser. “A state-of-the-art facility designed according to the world’s highest hygiene standards is a sound investment for us, looking at the value it will bring to our customers. This is a huge step for our phytosanitary program Greencare. Start Clean, Stay Clean reached a next level at Dümmen Orange.”

How do things work at the Elite facility?

New plants are entering a system via a controlled quarantine process in a separated zone. Mandatory laboratory testing is being scheduled in all Dümmen Orange’s productions phases. The facility will be used for two strictly separated activities, Q-Phase (Quarantine Phase) and the breeder’s Elite stock. The Q-Phase plant material will be assessed and tested on plant pathogens by use of lab tests, bio-assays and visual checks. In the Elite stock we maintain our clean tested genetics to supply our production facilities with secured genetics/plant material.

“We truly raise the bar on how we handle our products,” said Frans de Bloois, phytosanitary officer and elite manager at Dümmen Orange. “Authorized staff can only enter the facility after they have showered. The facility is equipped with an overpressure system in order to keep insects and pathogens out. Each plant will be treated as a separate hygiene entity, supported by a unique (rolling) table system. This way of working will strengthen and secure our internal process and also our strong customer relationships by being a trustworthy supplier!”

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