Plantipp changes ownership
Kim, Reinier and Peter van Rijssen
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Plantipp changes ownership

Reinier van Rijssen is passing the company on to his children, Kim and Peter.


After decades of running Plantipp and American sister company Concept Plants, the time has come for Reinier van Rijssen to pass the baton. More than 25 years ago, Reinier started the company with the aim to represent breeders and support them by managing the royalties, licenses and labels of new plant varieties. Plantipp expanded rapidly and it didn’t take long for children Peter and Kim to become part of this international family business with two associated sister companies.

The Plantipp team travels the world and is in direct contact with its partners in The Netherlands and abroad. This enables them to closely follow and control the development of a new variety.

The North American arm of Plantipp, which is based in the Netherlands, is Concept Plants. Concept Plants represents breeders and helps them introduce new plants to the North American market. Some of Concept Plants’ tasks include helping breeders with plant patents, trials, license agreements and collecting royalties. 

Even though Reinier hands over the management to Peter and Kim, he will continue to be involved with Plantipp.

“I've known many of the breeders and growers we work with for decades and such a relationship has to continue to exist. Whether I’m part of Plantipp on paper or not!”

Peter and Kim totally agree.

“I've been involved in the business from an early age, but I never wanted to be one of those kids who take over the family business just because he's family. So I've worked really hard to grow in the company and learn everything there is to learn,” Peter explains.

“And now Peter has become the face of the company,” Kim adds. “Where my role is more often behind the scenes, Peter is always on the road to make new contacts, meet breeders or visit important events. And with the expansion of the team, Reinier had to do less and less over the years. His focus was on legal matters, such as lawsuits about PBR. And he will continue to fight for these matters.”

Editor's note: For more background on Plantipp and Concept Plants, read our profile about Peter from the March 2016 issue of Nursery Management.

Other than the paperwork, the industry won’t notice too many changes for Plantipp.

"Plantipp is part of my life, which means that both Plantipp and especially the people involved are inextricably linked to me,” laughs Reiner. “The biggest difference is that I now just have a chat and enjoy a cup of coffee, while Peter and Kim do most of the work.”