CAST 2022: Sakata

CAST 2022: Sakata

Sakata's tagline for its 2022-2023 introductions is "Brightening the World!" Here's a bit of the bright that we glimpsed upon a visit to the breeder's Salinas stop.


The intense color of the new Flamma Celosia series from Sakata stays strong through the heat of summer and doesn’t brown like other celosias. A stunner at retail with its bright hues, it boasts tons of lateral branching for a bushy habit. It’s also an All-American Selections Award-winner. Available in bright red, golden, orange, rose and a mix.

New SuperCal branded pots and signage

Growing SuperCal petunias in Sakata’s new branded pots and tags helps retailers differentiate the product for increased sell-through, according to the company. The new pots and tags are vibrant and eye catching, the clean white pots with pink and teal graphics positioned near the typical black plastic nursery pots will likely grab the attention of all that pass by.

Sakata’s new Rubee series features four indeterminate slicer tomatoes: Rubee Dawn, Rubee Goddess, Rubee Plus and Ruby Prize. Dawn is a large-fruited red salad variety, that is very early maturing. Goddess is also early maturing, and it offers strong disease resistance. Plus (pictured) is another early maturing selection with high yield potential. Prize is an early maturing variety with extra large fruit.

Dania is the latest series in Sakata’s primula selection. Bred in Denmark, this primula has less cold requirement than the Danova series and finishes two weeks earlier than Danova. It has a natural, compact habit and does not require any PGRs. There are eight colors in this new series.