CAST 2022 Trends
L-R: Ice Boy hydrangea from Ball Ingenuity, I Love U dianthus from Selecta One, BeGreen seed technology from Benary
Kelli Rodda

CAST 2022 Trends

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Three GIE Horticulture Group editors hit the West Coast in March for the annual California Spring Trials tour and breeders brought their A-game. If you missed the online CAST coverage, visit and put CAST in the search bar at the top of the screen. Here are a couple of trends that were spotted during our trip.

May 5, 2022

Bringing the outdoors inside

Photos by by Kelli Rodda;
Foliage photo provided by Dummen

Ball Ingenuity

To keep all of those new consumers captivated, Ball Ingenuity is appealing to the décor side of plant parenting and telling buyers to “renovate your indoor space with plants.” This messaging will feature flowering plants such as hydrangeas, cyclamen and celosia.

The new hydrangea Francy series (top photo) features double-petaled, star-shaped flowers with multiple flower heads on a compact, sturdy plant. Colors include Purple and Pink. The new Ice Boy hydrangea (second photo) is a clean, bright white with classic-shaped flowers. Both new hydrangea series are supplied as dormant 4-inch pots with 4 or more canes and 6-inch pots with 6+ canes. Crop time is 11-12 weeks.

Cyclamen make excellent indoor plants and Ball Ingenuity has partnered with Morel to offer several sizes and varieties. One of the latest introductions is the Crispino Mix (third photo), with a nifty ruffled flower.

Selecta One

Selecta’s I Love U dianthus (last photo) is well suited as an indoor plant. And for the consumer who loves to have multi-use plants, I Love U can eventually be planted outdoors. Its constant display of several colors – deep pink, soft rose, soft pink, and white – creates an appealing look. And a bonus: the flowers are fragrant, a trait that consumers often request. Once planted outside, it offers a compact, mounded habit that attracts pollinators. Selecta provides some fun POP, as well.

Houseplants are still hot

Dümmen Orange

The houseplant obsession has not waned with consumers. Dümmen Orange is introducing a new program of trendy foliage plants and succulents for the indoors. Welcome to the Jungle offers 50 varieties that are perfect for containers and baskets that will pique the interest of indoor gardeners looking to liven up their living spaces.

The stylish plant collection features tons of textures with trailing as well as upright options. There are many compact options as well. Noticing the indoor succulent garden trend, Dümmen Orange wanted to expand offerings.

The small plants are great for miniature gardens and terrariums. Many are available at retail now with more becoming available by the end of the year.

Varieties include Citrus Twist Peperomia obtipan, Nanouk Tradescantia, Mystifall Pilea glauca, Tortuga Tradescantia, Senecio String of Thai Dolphins, Peperomia Leap Frog, Sedum Jade Runner and Kalanchoe Silver Strand.

Compiled by GIE Media Horticulture Group staff