Decked out

Decked out

Proven Winners ColorChoice debuts deco planter program for retailers.

March 28, 2019

For years, retailers have asked to sell Proven Winners ColorChoice shrubs in decorative pots. Beginning this year, their request has been granted. The new Decked Out program provides retailers the chance to sell high-value merchandise. Participants may plant single varieties or create combination planters.

To preserve the brand, Proven Winners ColorChoice developed a few requirements to be part of the program, including:

* The decorative container must cost a minimum of $2 per piece, wholesale.

* The container must be designed for plants and it must have drainage holes on the bottom.

* No permanent saucers are allowed.

* The container must be larger than Proven Winners' true 1 gallon.

Besides container requirements, the Decked Out program also has some tag specifications.

* Participants must use both the standard diamond variety tag and the container tag, which contains the plant care guide.

The program currently includes shrubs, but the company hopes to include perennials in the future.

Retailers set their own price for the Decked Out product.