News roundup for September
AAS winner Rudbeckia × ‘American Gold Rush’
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News roundup for September

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Bloomables brand focuses on the flower, 2 AAS winners, Ball Seed partners with Foremost Co. Inc.

August 30, 2019

Photo courtesy of Star Roses and Plants

Star Roses and Plants launched a new optional brand, Bloomables, which was designed to focus on the flowers, giving consumers a “garden that blooms all season,” says Bradd Yoder, president of Star Roses and Plants. Bloomables consists of more than 35 varieties and will be available at retail in spring of 2020.

Consumer friendly tags present the common name first, which consumers are more likely to recognize and there is a simple call out, showing why the plant is special or how it can be used. For more:

Mark Dwyer, Rotary Botanical

2 perennials named AAS winners

Echinacea Sombrero Baja Burgundy and Rudbeckia × ‘American Gold Rush’ are the first winners from the All-America Selections three-winter Herbaceous Perennial Trial. This trial, in partnership with the Perennial Plant Association (PPA), was launched in 2016 with five entries grown against 10 similar comparisons. PPA’s input and assistance was instrumental in creating a multi-year trial where the proper plant characteristics were evaluated and rated.

AAS Winners are marketed through social media, public relations and trade shows and are grown in 190 AAS Display Gardens across North America.
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Ball Seed partners with ForemostCo Inc.

Ball Seed recently entered into a co-exclusive agreement with ForemostCo, Inc., a Miami-based young plant supplier for foliage, tropical and succulent plants. The partnership meets the growing market demand for houseplants and other trending plant genetics, according to a released statement. Through the new partnership, ForemostCo’s year-round availability of rooted and unrooted cuttings, vegetative and tissue-cultured liners, air-layered plants, bulbs, canes and rhizomes will combine with Ball Seed’s systems, sales coverage and service model to bring these key products to customers. For more:,