BioWorks’ SuffOil-X horticultural spray oil is now available in Canada

BioWorks’ SuffOil-X horticultural spray oil is now available in Canada

The pesticide, which was granted registration earlier this year, suffocates eggs, larvae and other insects without causing harm to plants.


On Oct 1., BioWorks announced the addition of SuffOil-X Spray Oil Emulsion to their Canadian product line. SuffOil-X controls insects, mites and fungi—including powdery mildew—in a broad range of greenhouse, nursery and vegetable crops. It works by suffocating eggs, larvae, nymphs, adult soft bodied insects and mites.

The oil was granted registration in Canada earlier this year. The product is a unique concentrate of pre-emulsified, highly refined, high paraffinic, low aromatic oil. The pre-emulsification process allows it to dilute with water easier and breaks down the oil particles to  one-fourteenth its original size. The small oil droplets assure that a very thin, uniform coating of oil is applied to the plant, which effectively smothers and kills pests without causing burn or stress to plants. 

"SuffOil-X is a light-weight oil that poses less risk to plants compared to heavy oils," said Anna Chapman, BioWorks' technical services manager. "It also stays in suspension much longer without the need for vigorous agitation."

SuffOil-X is compatible with pesticides labeled for use with oil and is exempt from residue tolerance. BioWorks offers SuffOil-X in 9.46, 113.56 and 945.35 liter sizes.

BioWorks sells a full line of biologically based products throughout the United States and Canada for disease control, insect control and plant nutrition.

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