New colors, new improvements

New colors, new improvements

Benary's CAST 2021 offerings include fun ways to expand plant offerings.

June 24, 2021

Check out some of the highlights from Benary's California Summer Trials offerings below. And if you didn't make it to CAST, there's still time to see what Benary has to offer. The location is open to visitors by appointment until Aug. 21.

Ptilotus Joey Improved

Benary introduced this Australian native years ago and is reintroducing this improved version. While the original Ptilotus Joey would be wobbly and hard to ship if it became rootbound in plug trays, this new version recovers well. Improvements include better branching as well. With large, fuzzy spikes and silver-green foliage, it makes for great impulse buys. It thrives in hot, dry climates and performs well in pots and landscape beds.

Marigold Super Hero

After seeing huge demand for marigolds in recent years as vegetable gardening gains popularity, Benary is adding three new colors to its Super Hero line: Gold, Deep Orange and Deep Yellow. With a compact habit and clean, stable flower pattern, it looks great in containers.


Achillea ptarmica Marshmallow

Brand-new this year, this plant offers an upright alternative to baby’s breath. This hardy outdoor perennial is extremely versatile, offering blooming plant sales from late spring through late summer. With a short crop time, uniform flowering time and quick bench run, the compact perennial flowers in the first year without vernalization

Mix A Herb combinations

Although these debuted last year, Benary’s mixed herb pots are getting their moment in the sun this year. Mixes for different dishes like barbecue, pizza and herb dip smell and look beautiful, making them perfect for gift sales. Seen above is Pizza Silver.