Bayer introduces new Spanish Pest Identification Guide for greenhouses and nurseries
The new Spanish Pest Identification Guide.
Photo from Bayer Ornamental's website.

Bayer introduces new Spanish Pest Identification Guide for greenhouses and nurseries

The user-friendly guide aims to cultivate stronger communication for Spanish speakers.

As part of its commitment to diversity and inclusion, the Environmental Science business of Bayer, part of the company’s Crop Science division, has created a new Spanish Pest Identification Guide to effectively communicate important technical information about pests to Spanish-speaking laborers in greenhouse and nursery operations. Digital versions of the guide — in both Spanish and English — can be viewed, printed or downloaded for free on the Bayer website. Spiral-bound printed copies are also available for a nominal fee and can be ordered from the site as well.

“Greenhouses and nurseries are often employee workers who speak Spanish as a first language. As laborers are an important part of the success of production ornamentals operations, effective communication between growers and laborers is necessary to ensure the healthiest plants,” said John Wendorf, customer marketing manager for Bayer Ornamentals. “Our new Spanish Pest Identification Guide serves to bridge communication gaps between growers and laborers, helping to ensure everyone knows how to identify pests as well as how to use Bayer products to address those pests properly and safely.”

While there are bilingual and bicultural staff in many nurseries and greenhouses, there are often varying levels of literacy among workers. At the same time, it is imperative that the entire workforce has the knowledge and ability to quickly identify pests to help ensure the production of healthy, beautiful plants. That is why Bayer developed this pest guide specifically for Spanish speakers.

This user-friendly guide is easy to follow and includes many pictures to help Spanish speakers not only identify pests but also how to control these pests with Bayer products such as Marengo, Broadform, Altus, Kontos and Savate. The guide also includes information on what types of personal protective equipment (PPE) should be worn while making pesticide applications.

“At Bayer, we are passionate about diversity and inclusion and bringing people together. Our new Spanish Pest Identification Guide does just that, thanks to an idea from Customer Marketing Specialist Michelle Osuna,” said Wendorf. “We are proud to lead the industry in offering this kind of support to our greenhouse and nursery customers.” 

“I’m excited about the Spanish Pest Identification Guide because it is so important to provide today’s workforce with the knowledge to do their jobs successfully and safely,” said Osuna. “We hope other businesses will see this guide and begin to offer more resources for Spanish-speaking laborers, who play a huge role in the success of the ornamentals market.” 

The Spanish Pest Identification Guides are spiral bound and printed on water-resistant paper to help them stand up against the elements. For additional information and ordering instructions, visit the link here