Know your costs

Know your costs

Bayer creates online calculator allowing growers to compare product costs.

July 18, 2019

In July, the Bayer Turf & Ornamentals team launched an online calculator designed to help nursery and greenhouse growers understand and compare the cost of certain products. One calculator is dedicated to insecticides (find it here) and a separate one is for herbicides (located here).

"It's important to us to help growers understand their costs and address the question, 'What does it cost to use the product over the life of the crop?'" says John Wendorf, Customer Marketing Manager, Lawn Care and Ornamentals Segments, who demonstrated the calculator at Cultivate'19.

The service allows growers to submit all of the data of a particular product as it pertains to their use, including rate, price and package size (none of the cells are pre-filled with data) and it provides a production cost comparison for their selected product with either Altus or Marengo. Results can be saved as a PDF to download or email. No customer data (name, location, etc.) is required to use the calculator and therefore not being collected.

"It's more than the price of the product," Wendorf says. "We want growers to consider the cost of labor, application and length of control."