EZ Roll-Up curtain system

EZ Roll-Up curtain system

The system is available in a manual crank or motorized crank package.

June 25, 2018
Structure Solutions by Atlas

You can’t control the weather, but you can have all-weather control of your greenhouse with Atlas' complete EZ Roll-Up curtain system. The system is an all-inclusive package providing everything you will need for years of continuous operation. Atlas' aluminum extrusion profiles allow for poly film and curtain fabric attachment. In addition, you can choose between a manual crank or 24v motorized crank package. The heavy-duty 12 mil. polypropylene fabric will provide for years of maintenance-free use. The center-located crank rod reduces cranks rotations by 50 percent and provides for more efficient operation of the curtain system. The Atlas EZ Roll-Up curtain can be used in full side wall or knee wall applications.

Atlas offers:
6’, 8’, 10’ or 12’ systems
Custom heights and lengths available
Complete package; no additional materials to purchase
Manual crank or motorized crank package available
Motorized crank option which allows for various environmental controls to be utilized 

Optional Base Wall Advantages:
Protects plants from wind and cold air when curtain is open
Prevents snow from accumulating against curtain
NOTE: Generally, a 60/40 rations is recommended (60% curtain opening, 40% base wall)