Year in review: Angela Treadwell-Palmer, tip jar columnist

Year in review: Angela Treadwell-Palmer, tip jar columnist

Improve your marketing message with tips from Angela's 2017 columns.

January 10, 2018
Matt McClellan

Angela Treadwell-Palmer founded and co-owns Plants Nouveau LLC., a company that specializes in introducing and marketing new plants to the nursery industry. She’s been around the world, experiencing world-famous gardens and remote areas looking for new ideas and exciting plants. Angela wrote six columns for Nursery Management in 2017, collected here for your convenience.

Fork in the road

With proper consumer education, the supply chain can benefit from two distinct markets for differently sized perennials.

Don’t ditch the dye job

Painted plants could be the key to getting more consumers interested in our products.

Plants are like rabbits

Whether it’s a plant or a pet, consumers need plenty of instructions to be successful.

Stop perpetuating the lie

Don’t mislead consumers into thinking there’s a foolproof plant.

Words matter

Draw in consumers with a clever message that’s all about the feels.

Plan for posts

Scheduling apps help you manage social media, but don’t forget to include some personality.

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Photo: Butterfly weed by Angela Treadwell-Palmer