AmericanHort urges Congress to save H-2B

AmericanHort urges Congress to save H-2B

Industry called upon to encourage members of Congress to support H-2B cap relief.


On Nov. 13, AmericanHort Director of Advocacy and Policy Communications Tristan Daedalus sent an industry-wide email urging the public to support members of Congress in endorsing H-2B cap relief.

“Congress continues to debate annual spending bills to fund the federal government, ‘must do’ appropriations bills offer the best opportunity to pass temporary relief for the H-2B cap while we continue to work toward a permanent solution to the H-2B labor crisis,” his email read. He urged that help is needed to ensure that cap relief is included in a final spending bill.

Individuals may fill out the form here to encourage their member of Congress to support H-2B cap relief.

“Since Oct. 1, the Federal Government has been operating under a temporary spending bill or continuing resolution that runs through November 21. Congress is likely to pass another short-term funding bill to keep the government operating through December in the coming days,” he continued.

“As the House and Senate work to create a funding package beyond November 21, we continue to urge lawmakers to include H-2B cap relief and extend the existing DOL regulatory provisions in any final spending measure for Fiscal 2020,” Daedalus concluded.

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