AmericanHort advocates for IR-4 Project
Photo courtesy of AmericanHort

AmericanHort advocates for IR-4 Project

Members are encouraged to urge their representatives to increase funding for the horticulture R&D project.


AmericanHort is asking its members to reach out to their state senators and encourage them to increase funding of the IR-4 project.

AmericanHort posted the following message on its website:

"Do you care about having the plant protection tools to manage insect, disease, and weed threats? If so, you should know that the IR-4 Project is an important business partner. IR-4 works to develop key data needed to get safe and effective tools registered for use on nursery and greenhouse crops. Since its inception, IR-4 has helped to get over 36,000 registered uses for our crops, including many biological and other reduced-risk controls. 

"But, IR-4 funding has been stagnant for a decade, threatening to diminish what IR-4 can do for environmental horticulture. For this reason, AmericanHort and like-minded organizations urge you to take a moment to ask your U.S. Senators to sign onto an appropriations letter urging appropriate funding for IR-4." 

Members wishing to submit a letter have until Friday, April 12 to do so.

Click here to view the pre-written letter and act in support of IR-4.