A smooth transition

How RediRoot helps to transition growers from traditional solid-wall pots to an air root pruning system, and what that means for their businesses.

RediRoot is a brand developed by NurserySource LLC, a product development company. We saw that growers of all kinds needed a competitively priced solution for the challenges created by traditional solid wall pots, namely circling and girdled roots. We created RediRoot with that in mind. Since 2007 when RediRoot was born we have expanded to a variety of products developed specifically with root development and the challenges commercial nurseries face in mind.


At a time when resources are spread thin around issues like labor and shipping, we wanted to give back. With that in mind, we created RediRooted- a movement to tell your customers just some of what you do to help them grow better, faster, healthier plants and trees.

  • RediRoot customers accrue marketing credit with every purchase to be used towards banners, ads, postcards, flyers, sale sheets, or nearly anything else they may want assistance with.
  • Customized to the customer’s specifications!
  • Reach out to grow@rediroot.com for more information.

“RediRooted” is a term we fondly offer to growers who have embraced the RediRoot system. We understand the challenges and benefits of switching from solid wall pots to slotted wall containers and are committed to helping nurseries with the transition process of becoming RediRooted.

Bouldin Nursery & Greenhouse is a family-owned and operated nursery specializing in growing quality container liners. The nursery uses RediRoot Commercial Air-Pruning Containers to improve the root system and success rate of their tree liners.

“We rely on RediRoot to help us grow the best possible container liners and give our customers the greatest chance for success with a liner that will take off with new growth,” says Carl Bouldin.

Located at the base of the Appalachian Mountains in Georgia is Native Forest Nursery. Since 2008 Native Forest has specialized in growing native hardwood trees and shrubs for the conservation, mitigation, restoration, and nursery industries. Native uses RediRoot to avoid circling roots in their container plants.

“Our work is all about root production,” says Chad Casselman. “Root health, volume, and architecture dictate the degree of success in every project we are involved with. With so many factors beyond our control such as weather, site conditions and planting quality, we want to do everything we can to stack the deck in our customer’s favor. We know that when we finish our plants in RediRoot that we are sending our customers the best root systems money can buy.”

We listen to the challenges of our RediRooted customers and take them to heart. Their feedback is invaluable and we use it to continually improve our root development products and services to meet their needs. Chris Murphey, our Nursery Specialist based out of Tennessee, has over 30 years of experience in the nursery industry. He is fluent in trees, and loves to visit his customers and potential customers to get his eyes and ears on how each individual nursery operates. Personal visits allow him to get a clear picture of where and how RediRoot can help with their individual needs and how they can transition smoothly.

Our full line of root development products includes:

RediRoot Aeration Containers #1-25, RediRoot Aeration Propagation Systems, RediRoot 10x20 Aeration Propagation Trays, RediRoot Veiled Fiberglass Tree Stakes, RediRoot Fabric Aeration Containers #1-1000, RediRoot Gro-N-Go Liners, and RediRoot BREATHE Decorative Aeration Planters.

For more: www.rediroot.com

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