2019 Farwest Show offers seminars on important pest control related topics
Lloyd Traven (left), Kelly Vance (middle), & Coleen Warfield (right)
Image courtesy of Farwest Show

2019 Farwest Show offers seminars on important pest control related topics

The seminars also offer credits for pesticide recertification.


Portland, OR — The 2019 Farwest Show has scheduled seven seminars dealing with aspects of pests and pest control. The seminars offer credit for pesticide recertification. Three of the seminars will be delivered by industry experts Coleen Warfield, Kelly Vance, and Lloyd Traven. The speakers will give talks on the spread of pathogens, pest identification for biocontrol, and biocontrol implementation. The Farwest Show will be held August 21–23 at the Oregon Convention Center

Warfield, corporate plant pathologist at Ball Horticultural Company, will speak on understanding how a pathogen spreads is an integral part of any plant disease management program. Her talk, “Did You Just Touch That?: Sanitation and the Spread of Pathogens,” will emphasize viral diseases. This session will look at different modes of transmission and how those may influence sanitation practices in a greenhouse/nursery setting. The seminar is scheduled for 8:30–9:30 a.m. Wednesday, August 21.

Vance, integrated pest management (IPM) specialist at Beneficial Insectary, will help growers with the challenge of implementing biocontrols and their decisions regarding which predators, parasitoids or biopesticides to use for their crop pests. His talk, “Why Your Program Failed: The Importance of Pest Identification in Biocontrol Programs,” will stress the need to identify the pests targeted from the beginning and point out some common mistakes in pest identification, and why certain predators may not work. Vance’s seminar is scheduled for 9:45–10:45 a.m. Wednesday, August 21.

Traven, owner and founder of Peace Tree Farm LLC, will deliver a talk on the efficacy of biocontrols in growing operations as a viable alternative to harsher chemical control. Traven’s talk, “A Systematic Approach to Implementing Biocontrols,” is scheduled for 8:30–9:30 a.m. Thursday, August 22. He will explain how biocontrols, biorationals and biopesticides are practically effective and beneficial as a resonating environmental message with consumers. Implementation requires diligence, commitment, and a different mindset, attitude and expectation for growers, retailers and consumers. 

All pesticide seminars will also be offered with live Spanish interpretation. 

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